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Art. 1
This contract only refers to transport of passengers and their luggage only as recorded by art.396 and following articles by “Regulation Code of Navigation”.

Art. 2
Ticket is for exclusive personal use, cannot be transferred to others and can be used on the date which is indicated on it.

Art. 3
Show up at Boarding:

The mail ticket holder must be at the company ticket office at port of departure at least 20 minute before departure scheduled time, in order to complete check in procedure and receive a printed boarding pass which is required to board. Boarding with mail ticket only  without  boarding pass is not permitted.
At expiry of  check-in time booking will be cancelled and passenger will be placed in waiting list. Passengers will be then only allowed to board if there available seats left.

Art. 4
Cancellation and refund policy

If passenger decides on his own to renounce travelling ticket will be reimbursed less 30% penalty and the reservations fees will not refund, but ticket must have been cancelled according to procedure below:
Cancellation must be notified in writing via email at:  at least 48 hours before scheduled departure time. Once passed this term ticket cannot be cancelled and consequently cannot be reimbursed.
All amounts due for reimbursement  will be paid by the company in the bank account which will have been indicated in the Trip Cancellation email.

Art. 4bis

Any right related to travel contract for passengers, luggage and vehicles become prescribed according to terms indicated in art. 4.1.8 and 4.3.8 of Regulation Code of Navigation.

Art. 4.1.8
1. Any right related to travel contract for passengers and their  luggage not registered  will be prescribed after 6 months since arrival date to destination or in case of not arrival since scheduled date of arrival.
2. any right related to registered  luggage will be prescribed after one year since collection date of luggage or in case of lost luggage since presumed date of collection.

Art. 4.3.8
1. Any right related to transport of things is prescribed after 6 months  since date of recollection of such things or in case of complete loss since date of expected recollection at destination or for transport of special things as indicated on the article 4.5.6

Art. 5
Departure cancellation or Late departure

In case of departure cancelled due to atmospheric  adverse conditions or due to technical reasons or for Act of God, ticket will be reimbursed in full without any penalty but passenger will not be entitled to any further claim above ticket price.

Art. 6

Passengers can only take on board their own luggage, bags or parcels with personal effect. Transport of small parcels as rock sacks , boxes or small bags not exceeding 10 kg is free of charge.
Any other parcel of bigger size like travel bags, luggage or similar will be subject to payment of an indicated tariff.
Price paid for baggage is intended for transport only, it is excluded taking on board ,off load, storage and custody during navigation, these will be exclusively at passenger care.