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This policy explains the way cookies are used by our website in the aim of giving relevant and clear information in order to enable users making their selections for checking what happens in accessing the website. This policy uses the word “cookie” referring to Cookies and related technologies according to present legislation (as, for instance, Local shared objects-commonly called “flash Cookie”, Web Beacon or Bugs, among them clear transparent GIF). Information collected refer to data which may be useful to identify users or visitors by matching them with third party database (as for example numbers of IP addresses, domain name of computers connecting to our website). Those data are only used for statistics.
This document is also included and substantial part of the Privacy Policy document and all information in it according with art.13 of EU Regulation n.2016/697 (GDPR). It is there for recommended reading of that document.

Referring Law
This matter is regulated by European Directory 2002/58/EC later modified according to directory 2009/136/EC and accepted by national Legislation of EU countries members - which requires acceptance of use of cookie and similar technologies.

What is a Cookie
Cookie is a small text file, formed by letters and/or numbers, downloaded to the device used to access the website. Cookies are then sent to the original website every time it will be visited in future. Cookies are useful to make website able in recognizing users’ devices.
Since long time the use of Cookies and similar technology is normal routine for allowing supply of many online services. The use of cookies is not forbidden by law but requires that users must be informed in order to make them free to accept or decline them.

Cookies of various types
Session cookies and persistent cookies
Cookies can expire at the end of a session in your browser (when a user opens a tab of the browser until the tab is being closed), or they can be preserved for a longer time.
Session cookies consent websites to connect the actions of a user during a session in the browser. They can be used for various purposes, like reminding that what a user has put in his online shopping cart when they surf on a website. They can also be used for security purposes when a user logs into his internet banking account or to facilitate the use of webmail. These session cookies expire at the end of the session in the browser.
The use of so-called session cookies (that, in in any case, won’t be memorized persistently on the computer of the user and will be cancelled automatically as soon as the browser is being closed) is strictly limited for the purpose of transmitting data (constituted by numbers casually generated by the server) that identify that specific session and are necessary to consent a secure and efficient exploration. The so-called session cookies used on this website avoid the appeal of other technical informatics that are potentially prejudicial for the discretion of users while navigating on the website.
Persistent cookies are being memorized on the user’s device between distinct sessions of the browser and allow to remember the actions of the user on a website. Persistent cookies can be used for different purposes, like remember the user’s preferences and choices when a website is being visited (or in some cases between different websites).
First and third-party cookies The circumstances that a cookie is ‘first’ or ‘third-party’ is strictly connected to the website or domain that uses that determined cookie. A first-party cookie, in essence, are cookies that have been set up by the same website that the user is visiting – i.e. the website that is being visualized in the URL: in our case, the cookies imposed by DotLab Srl. Third-party cookies are cookies that have been set up by a different domain that the one that the user is visiting: i.e. cookies that have been set up by other websites than If a user visits a website (like and a third company sets up a cookie through, this specific cookie is a third-party cookie.

Ownership of the treatment
NLG, as specified in the Privacy Policy, is the owner of the – and applies only to the - treatment of its own cookies, i.e. first-party cookies; otherwise, third-party cookies apply to the ownership of the respective company of pertinence, specified by the table contained in this document.

Consent of cookies
Some cookies are strictly necessary for correct functioning of the internet and don’t ask the consent of the user, for example those who guarantee that the content of a webpage will be loaded in a fast and efficient way, the distribution of the workload between computers or those who guarantee the safety.
Other cookies are also always reasonably necessary or important, but aren’t strictly essential and, so, need the consent of the user.
This website has different techniques for gathering the consent of the user: a modality is the selection of the specific box on the cookie banner published on the access page of the website, which gives attention to the use of cookies.
The settings of the browser represent another way to gather the consent or, on the contrary, to refuse cookies; the user can set up the browser so that he will be advised at the presence of cookies, allowing them to decide either to accept the cookies or not. It’s also possible to automatically refuse all the cookies by activating the specific option in the browser.
Every browser highlights instructions to this purpose.

Withdrawal of consent
Your consent for the use of cookies can be withdrawn at any moment, even if the withdrawal may have an influence on the functionality of the website.

The cookies we use
When using our actual website, NLG uses cookies to offer services, to improve the experience of the users, as well as to develop aggregate statistics on the data received for various motives.
These cookies allow us to distinguish the user of the website from others, they help us to provide a good experience when visiting our website and to improve our website.
The cookies we use are technical and analytical. They allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors and to examine how our visitors navigate our website when they use it. This helps us to improve the way our website works, for example by making sure that the users easily find that what they were looking for. To know more about the single analytical cookies, we use and how to recognize them we invite you to consult the table below.
More specifically, this website uses these types of cookies, like listed in the following table:

  • a. Technical cookies: necessary for the internal navigation of the website and to use certain functions (for example to go from one page to another, etc.)
  • b. Analytical cookies: For a statistical analysis of the accesses to the website. The information are gathered aggregately.
This website doesn’t use cookies for directing publicity.

Nome Dominio Tipo Cookie Descrizione Periodo di conservazione
ASPSESSIONIDxxxxxxxx cookie di sessione Cookie necessari a visualizzare correttamente il sito e in relazione ai servizi tecnici offerti Quando termina la sessione di navigazione
__utma cookie persistente Google Analytics - Distingue il visitatore e la relativa sessione 2 anni dall’attivazione/aggiornamento
__utmb cookie di sessione Google Analytics - Determina una nuova visita o un nuovo visitatore 30 min dall’attivazione/aggiornamento
__utmc cookie di sessione Google Analytics - Consente di determinare se l'utente è in una nuova sessione/visita Fino alla fine della navigazione
__utmt cookie di sessione Google Analytics - Memorizza il tasso di richiesta 10 minuti
__utmz cookie persistente Google Analytics - Memorizza la fonte di traffico o della campagna che spiega come l’utente ha raggiunto il sito 6 mesi dall’attivazione/aggiornamento

Some cookies are third-party. The process to obtain the consent for these cookies are more complex, but we are doing everything possible to offer the right information to our users and to consent them to make informed choices to what is memorized on their devices.
For this reason, the company offers the addresses of those third parties where to turn to or, when lacking, it indicates here the modalities to remove the cookies that the user doesn’t want to accept.

Scope of circulation and data memorization
The data on web contacts are not being saved for longer than seven days, except for any investigations of informatic crimes against the website. No data deriving from the website will be communicated or diffused to unspecified recipients.

Updates on the cookie policy
The cookie policy of our website can be updated periodically, for which it is recommended to consult this document every time you access this website, for the purpose of being informed correctly about how and why we use cookies.

Further information about cookies
For further information about installed cookies through this website, it is possible to contact us on the following e-mail address:

Last revision date
Last revision date: 14/01/2019


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